TENSITRON tension meter, like all measuring devices, requires periodic inspections and service activities. High quality and reliability of measurements depends to a large extent on the competence of the staff operating the measuring equipment and the proper functioning of the equipment.


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Tensitron recommends that the TENSITRON tension gauges be serviced at least once a year.

The Tensitron tension gauge can be checked by the user using the correct exact weights by following the instructions in the manual. In the case of Tenistron force meters that are used intensively, we recommend to perform periodic checks more often. After every overload or fall of the device or when it is suspected that the measurement results do not correspond to the real one, it is advisable to carry out a periodic service inspection. The service inspection consists in checking and possible calibration and carrying out necessary repairs according to the manufacturer's recommendations, therefore the best solution is to entrust this service to our Tensitron service. Our Service also has the necessary knowledge and specialized equipment to perform these services quickly and professionally.


Calibration ropes

Tensitron Service - Calibration ropes are used to periodically check and calibrate ACX-1 Tensitron standard inch airlinks in accordance with MIL-DTL-83420.


stx strap

Tensitron service - calibration belts for tension gauges STXM-1. TENSITRON STX belt tension measuring devices are modern electronic devices for recording up to 10 different materials.



Tensitron service - experience and quality

Tensitron has been measuring tension since 1935. The company produces and sells its products all over the world. As a manufacturer, it has the most experience in servicing and calibrating its Tensitron force meters. This service can be carried out quickly and efficiently with the use of original spare parts at an attractive price.

tension meter

Tensitron Service - Mechanical belt and ribbon strain gauges are reliable measuring devices used all over the world.



Tensitron Service - Service Centre in Europe

Due to the large number of Tensitron tension gauges sold in Europe, a Service Centre for Tensitron products has been established. It is run by Wagi Wielkopolska Sp. z o.o. from Puszczykowo as an independent entity from Tensitron. The employees of this company have been trained and have the necessary equipment and competence to perform the basic service activities of Tensitron meters. Currently, only a few service activities have to be carried out in the USA.

tensitron service training

Tensitron Service Training, Longmont, Colorado, USA February 2019



Tensitron Service - fast, professional and inexpensive

The company Wagi Wielkopolska is able to offer quick and competent service of Tensitron meters. Just send the Tensitron meter in the factory packaging to us, attaching the service order. For non-standard products of cables, tapes, etc., please send us a section of about 5m of material and the range of measured forces. Typical time of providing the service is up to 7 days.After receiving and checking the equipment we always present a cost estimate of the service. After a service inspection and necessary repairs of the Tensitron tension gauges, it is possible to additionally order a calibration certificate from our laboratory. It is best to select the measuring points on the certificate within the range in which the meter is used. Our laboratory has implemented a quality management system ISO 17025.

cx kalibracja

Tensitron service - calibration of cable tension gauge Tensitron CX-1



Tensitron service - security and trust

Wagi Wielkopolska has implemented a quality management system ISO9001:2015. Wagi Wielkopolska as a Tensitron authorized service guarantees the highest level of service and reasonable prices. In the case of very serious damage (e.g. after a fall) or when the repair price is high, we suggest buying a new meter at preferential prices.

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ISO 9001:2015


Wagi Wielkopolska has implemented a quality management system ISO9001:2015



Accredited laboratory of the Wagi Wielkopolska


Our Accredited Laboratory AP151 performs calibration of instruments for mass measurements within the scope of accreditation up to 3000kg



Tensitron CX-1 for measuring the tension of steel barbed wire

Tensitron cx-1 kalibracja

10-point custom calibration feature allows for extremely precise calibrations



STXM Tensitron naprawa i kalibracja taśm





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